Studio Classes

These classes are hosted by wonderful studios all around Singapore. To attend these classes with Catherine, please book with the studio directly.

Ki Yoga

+65 8815 0387

87A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555983


6.15 pm - 7.15 pm

Ki Grounding

Ki Grounding classes cater to all levels of students. It is an alignment-based practice with emphasis on building strength and flexibility. In this class, we offer more variations of foundation poses coupled with detailed instructions. Students should be comfortably challenged by holding poses for longer periods.

We recommend students to start with at least 1 “Ki Foundation” class if you have no prior yoga experience before attending “Ki Grounding”.

7.30 pm - 8.30 pm

Ki Myo Restore

Ki Restore is a gentle Yin style practice that focuses on restorative and gentle poses with the help of yoga props. In this class, we work into the deeper connective tissues and joints through extended hold of poses. This is a suitable class for all beginners and advance students looking for a restful class that focuses on restoring body balance and flexibility.Suitable for all levels.


11. 00 am - 12.00 pm

Ki Foundation

Ki Foundation classes are the perfect place for anyone who is looking to start their yoga journey. These classes focus on fundamental poses with breathing techniques that build a foundation for advancing a Yoga practice. It is also suitable for any student who would like to revisit their basics and improve their pose alignment. More attention to proper alignments, poses will be static with fewer transitional movements.

Suitable for all levels.

12.15 pm - 1.15 pm

Ki Myo Restore

Using a lacrosse ball as a form of self-massage, to help relieve pain and improve function in sore muscles. This massage is a form of self-Myofascial release. Targeting the thin sheath of connective tissue, known as Fascia, the lacrosse balls will help to stretch and loosen this fascia, so that the underlying tissues can move freely.


Incorporating with other Yin style poses, this class caters to people who wants to release body tightness and stress. It is a calming and relaxing practice; poses are gentle with the helps of other props when necessary.


Suitable for all levels.

Kate Porter Yoga

+65 8189 2054

5000G Marine Parade Road, #01-27, Laguna Park, Singapore 449290


7.00 pm - 8.15 pm

Roll and Relax

Roll and Relax is a class that tends to the physical as well as the mental. This delightful class is the perfect wind-down after a long and hard day as it stretches you out while rolling out tight spots using myofascial release techniques. Relax and calm yourself through gentle long held poses and soothing breathwork. Going slow can help you go faster in the long run. If you are up for a nourishing rest, this is the practice for you.

FRI (FOR JUN, 1 & 8 JUL 2022)

9.30 am - 10.45 am

Gentle Yoga

Focus is on how you do yoga, rather than how much you do, in order to benefit from yoga. Originally aimed at seniors, this class is also suitable for anyone who just wants to enjoy gentle joint mobility, stretching and breathing exercises. The idea is that movements are gentle and delightful, especially suitable for people with limited mobility due to medical issues, working through an injury or simply stressed out and want to take it slow.