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Private & Corporate Yoga

Looking to organize personalized yoga classes for yourself, loved ones or your staff members?

To book private, group and corporate classes, please get in touch here.

Private Individual & Group Yoga Classes

Feeling a little shy to join public group classes or nursing an injury that requires more attention? Organizing classes for yourself or your family and friends is a good way to develop a practice that is suitable for you. Read more about the advantages of private classes here.

Corporate Yoga Classes

Enhancing employee experience with workplace wellness

The arrival of Covid-19 has created huge waves of change in the lives of people and many companies have been forced to relook workplace arrangements. People are starting to reassess their priorities in life over a wide spectrum including health, work and personal commitments. 

A study of over 2000 participants over a 9-month period by Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) in Singapore found that approximately 41 to 52 per cent of respondents feel that flexible work arrangements should be the new norm.

People are starting to rethink what makes work satisfaction as a recent survey by EY of over 16,000 respondents across 16 countries also yielded similar findings.  Only 15% of respondents in the SEA region would prefer to work from office full time and 6 out of 10 of SEA respondents would quit their jobs if they are not provided post-pandemic flexibility.

Health takes on a bigger role

The challenges of a fast-paced life for corporate warriors are not new. A study conducted by a team of researchers from Brigham Young University revealed that close to 20,000 employees at 3 large U.S. companies were showing up for work but performing at subpar levels because of physical or emotional health reasons.

Spending long hours at the desk in front of the computer, dealing with endless emails, meeting tight deadlines and targets existed before Covid and continues to exist in different ways as workplaces change. In some cases, they have become greater than before. Health ailments including shoulder, neck, back pain and stress that were already common before Covid amplified during the pandemic as people adjusted to new ways of working within and outside the office. Being in the midst of a health crisis has also pushed people to give greater attention to health and well-being.

Previously, forward thinking companies would organize corporate wellness programs for their employees. This may become a new norm as companies seek ways to attract talent to their companies and entice people to come into the office. Personally, I have seen an increase in number of enquiries from companies who want to introduce wellness days, events or programs into their system.

In other words, caring for employee physical and mental health can no longer be just lip service, but can take on greater significance in a world where people are starting to reassess what’s important for them in life.

"Great resignation is the latest buzzword. As employees reassess their current employment, talent retention is a top business agenda item for organizations. To successfully compete and thrive in the labor market and retain the best talent, organizations need to deliver enhanced employee experience – one that focuses on providing flexibility, well-being and safety of employees, and building a more empowered and motivated workforce."  
- Deepan Pathy, Senior Research Manager for Future of Work Practice, IDC Asia/Pacific.

Well-being comprises of both physical and mental aspects. Healthier and happier staff are more likely to do well, which in turn translates to better performance for both self and company. As companies begin to reconfigure work spaces and redesign work hours, introducing corporate wellness programs can help to create a supportive environment for employees to manage their physical and mental well-being. 

Why yoga in the workplace?

The emphasis on mind-body balance and connection is a hallmark of yoga – making it a great choice for workplace wellness solution. Many celebrities, companies and corporate executives including CEOs have turned to yoga as a way to stay healthy physically and mentally.

Some benefits of yoga include:

•    Relaxation & better sleep
•    Stress & anxiety management
•    Relieving shoulder, neck & back pain
•    Improvement in breathing, energy & vitality
•    Sharpening mental concentration & focus
•    Improvement in flexibility (less “stiffness”)
•    Weight management & strength building
•    Improvement in posture
•    Creating a positive atmosphere at work
•    Team bonding

And the best part is: Anyone can do it!

Making yoga available at the workplace makes it easy and convenient for employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle without the need to invest in expensive equipment. They no longer need to dash for an after-work or lunchtime workout. Instead, they can just pop in, breathe and stretch. As work goes increasingly online, corporate yoga can also be made available to employees working outside the office through online classes.

“Productivity is high, turnover is low and health insurance for employees is cheaper than the norm, they say. Their companies are growing while their employees' waistlines are shrinking.”
–Salt Lake Tribune on the success experienced by Usana Health Sciences & Brainstorm Inc in implementing regular health programs(including Yoga) for their employees

What is needed for workplace yoga?

One question I often get from corporate enquiries is what would be needed to implement yoga classes in the office. The great thing about yoga classes is there’s often no need for much equipment. You just need:

•    A clean space that can fit your team comfortably. For most companies, a meeting room works very well.
•    Yoga mats which can be provided by the company or staff can bring their own.

These are essentially all you need. If the company provides some additional (and again, inexpensive) props such as yoga blocks and straps, the teacher may be able to provide even more content to the benefit of participants. Classes can also be arranged to align with any themes that the company wishes to convey through these programs. 


In other words, there is great flexibility to offer classes in line with corporate themes while requiring minimal investment for equipment.

If you would like to explore adding yoga classes to your workplace, get in touch with me here.


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