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Yinfinity 100 - Hour
Yin Yoga Teacher Training

In Person + Online Weekend Programme

Embark on a journey into the transformative world of Yin Yoga through the Yinfinity 100 – Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program, a comprehensive training led by passionate and experienced teachers where you will learn the theory and teaching applications behind the art of stillness in Yin Yoga.


•    Explore the foundational pillars of Yin Yoga through the lens of the physical body, energetic body and mind body, covering a wide spectrum of knowledge from Yin Yoga theory to anatomy, meridians and teaching know-how.

•    Intimate class size with personal attention for a supportive learning environment. 

•    Gain confidence to teach Yin Yoga through sequencing discussions and hands-on teaching opportunities. 

•    Receive constructive feedback and mentoring support to refine your skills and develop your own unique teaching style. 


Join us for a life-enriching experience that will not only enhance your understanding as a practitioner but also empower you to guide others on the path of Yin Yoga safely and confidently!

This program is suitable for:

•    Practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of the Yin practice
•    Yoga teachers looking to add Yin Yoga into their teaching toolkit


While the information shared is designed with a Yin Yoga teacher training program in mind, much of the information can be applied to one’s personal practice and teaching outside the Yin Yoga paradigm as well.

Summary of curriculum

  • History of Yin Yoga

  • Yin Yoga Theory

  • Understanding the physical body

    • Foundations of anatomy and terminology

    • Theory of exercise and stress

    • 14 – 10 – 7 model

    • Key muscle groups and skeletal segments

    • Human variation

  • Discovering the energetic body through a Chinese Medicine perspective

    • Yin Yang

    • Five elements

    • Three jewels

    • Key organ systems and pairs

    • Meridians

  • Exploring the mind and body (Facilitated by guest trainer)

    • Introduction to major styles of meditation

    • What mindfulness is and isn’t

    • Stress cycle

    • How to guide meditation

    • Meditation techniques

    • Safety considerations

    • Practice and teaching practice

  • How to practice and teach Yin Yoga 

    • How to practice Yin Yoga

    • Key stages of Yin poses 

    • Yin poses archetypes and variations

    • Functional approach to teaching

    • Sequencing 

    • Teaching considerations and prop usage

    • Teaching yoga online

    • Group Yin practice sessions

    • Hands on teaching practice sessions

    • Common questions about Yin Yoga

Training support

  • Personal training manual

  • Private Facebook group (or a platform preferred by the group)

  • Bonus: 1 x group check-in call 2 weeks after end of training

  • Bonus: Up to 3 x one-to-one mentoring calls/meetings with Catherine that can be utilized anytime from start of the training till 6 months after end of the course

Training gifts

  • 5 free classes at Ki Yoga that can be utilized anytime during the period of the training*.

  • 20% off all packages and products at Ki Yoga during period of the training*.

* 3 Aug - 22 Sep 2024


Training period: 3 Aug – 22 Sep 2024

Training Schedule.png

Total contact hours: 93.5 hours

Self study and non contact hours: 6.5 hours


In - person sessions: Ki Yoga

Nearest MRT: Serangoon, accessible by all major MRT lines via circle line.


Online sessions: Via Zoom


A genuine interest in Yin Yoga, an open mind and a willingness to learn are the main things you will need for this training. 


An existing Yin Yoga practice is highly recommended (why?) though not absolutely necessary. You don't need to be an expert at Yin to attend this training.


Participants who attend the training in full will receive a 100-hour Yinfinity Yin Yoga Teacher Training certificate upon successful completion of the course requirements. These training hours can be added towards Continuing Education hours with Yoga Alliance.

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ section below or get in touch at or here for questions not found in FAQ. Thank you!


First Starter *CLOSED*
(Limited to 4 spots on first come first served basis till 1 May, or whenever the spots are filled up. Payment via Paynow only.)
SGD $1,800

Early Bird I (Sign up by 1 Jun 2024) *CLOSED*
SGD $1,950

Early Bird II (Sign up by 1 Jul 2024)  *CLOSED*
SGD $2,180

Regular *CLOSED*
SGD $2,425

Additional discount of SGD $50 applies for Early Bird I, II and Regular sign ups if payment is made in full via Paynow.


Strictly no refunds once payment has been made and registration is confirmed. Should a participant be unable to attend the training due to any reason, the spot can be transferred to someone else before training commences.

If the training is cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances, the amount paid will be refunded in full to you.




Lead Trainer


Loh Wei

Guest Trainer

Catherine Tan
E - RYT 500 | YACEP | Chinese Medicine Health Management Practitioner 
Lead Trainer

As a long time street dancer and gym aficionado who isn't naturally flexible, Catherine had turned to Yoga as a means for change. Little did she know that this would lead to a life changing shift physically, emotionally and mentally.

After a decade of teaching dance, she embarked on the journey of teaching Yoga 15 years ago through her first training in Hot and Hatha Yoga. In a bid to serve students better, she went on to study Yin Yoga, Pre and Post Natal Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga with respected teachers around the world.

In the process, she discovered her love for the Yin practice, which led her to deepen her studies in Yin with leading Yin teachers including Bernie Clark, Jo Phee, Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, and Victor Chng*, clocking in hundreds of training hours and 11 years of regular teaching for Yin Yoga alone. 

In 2020, she graduated top of class from a 2-year program at the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine followed by the completion of the Chinese Medicine Health Management Practitioner diploma from the college as well. 

Her belief in lifelong learning and keen interest in anatomy, fascia, myofascial release, Chinese Medicine, qigong healing and yoga philosophy have motivated her to pursue such knowledge rigorously with teachers from both within and outside the Yoga community, adding breadth and depth to her practice and teaching.

With thousands of hours of training and teaching behind her, Catherine is an experienced teacher who believes the asana practice is a small but beautiful part of Yoga. Convinced of the benefits that Yoga has brought her, she would love to share this joy with more people and hopefully create a positive change for her students. 

Through this training, she hopes to help practitioners deepen their understanding of the Yin practice and empower more teachers with the knowledge and confidence to share the quietly powerful practice of Yin Yoga with the world.

*listed in alphabetical order

Loh Wei

Qualified MBSR Teacher 

Guest Trainer

Loh Wei knows meditation can change lives because it changed his. 

Drawing inspiration from revered Buddhist teachers like Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Master ChiChern (繼程師父), and teachers at Dharma Drum Mountain (法鼓山), Loh Wei's practice finds its foundation in Chinese Zen (漢傳禪法), while also benefiting from the insights of Dzogchen.

Having attended over 14 silent meditation retreats (and counting), he witnessed how meditation led to profound transformations in his life, particularly during times of loss and identity exploration. 

As a firm believer that mindfulness has something for everyone, he transited from being the owner of a successful accounting practice to dedicating himself to volunteerism and sharing mindfulness practices with others to make its benefits accessible to all.

This has led him on a diverse teaching journey for the past 8 years, spanning marginalised communities such as former inmates, LGBTQ individuals, and people living with HIV, to non-profit organisations, employees, and corporate leaders.

Driven by a passion for empowering others, especially those navigating stress and trauma, Loh Wei employs a trauma-sensitive approach towards his courses, fostering a safe and supportive environment for all participants to engage fully.

After spending 18 months learning how to teach mindfulness effectively from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Center for Mindfulness, Loh Wei also brings passion and experience in equal measure as a qualified MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) practitioner, teacher and trainer.

This blend of traditions shapes both his professional and personal journeys, infusing them with wisdom, compassion, and authenticity.

Through a combination of conceptual understanding and hands-on practice, Loh Wei's ultimate goal is to help participants develop the confidence to share about mindfulness while fully embodying non-judgmental awareness to create a learning environment imbued with kindness, compassion, and equanimity.


1. Why is an existing Yin Yoga practice highly recommended?

It is so you have an idea of what the practice is like and whether this is a style you like and would like to learn more about.

2. What would be considered an existing Yin Yoga practice?

Prior attendance of Yin classes online or in person or through self practice would all suffice.

3. Can I take the training even if I have no intention to teach?

Yes, you are welcomed to join in to deepen your understanding of the Yin practice even if you don't have intention to teach eventually. However, please note that the course is designed with learning about and teaching Yin in mind. The knowledge can be used towards self-practice and the teaching of others. You may even change your mind!

4. Can I skip certain sessions?

Full attendance will be required to receive the certificate at the end of training upon completion of course requirements.

5. What are the requirements for successful completion of this training?

  • Attendance of all training sessions 

  • Participation in classroom activities during training

  • Completion of assignments and readings 

  • Passing of an open book exam at the end of the course 


6. I'm worried about the exam and assignments.

The assignments and exam are basically for strengthening your understanding and you will receive help along the way so you can rest assured that these will not be a problem if you attend the sessions. You will also have sufficient time between the sessions to complete the assignments.

7. How do the post training calls/meetings work?

The first call will be an online group Zoom call 2 weeks after the training ends to check in on everyone and clarify any questions that may have arisen after the end of the training when one is still internalizing the material.

Each participant also has the option to arrange up to 3 one-to-one calls or meetings with Catherine for individual support with regard to the course material or teaching anytime from beginning of the training till 22 Mar 2025 (6 months after end of training). Duration of these meetings or calls can be up to 1 hour each time and will be arranged based on the convenience of both parties.

If you have any questions that are not found here, please get in touch at or here. Thank you!


Registration closes 15 Jul 2024, Monday.


For information on tuition, please visit here.

Please email with the following information to indicate your interest:

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Contact number

  • Preferred registration method: Paynow or credit card

Additional discount of SGD $50 applies for Early Bird I, II and Regular sign ups if payment is made in full via Paynow.

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