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Good Night Yin

According to the Chinese medicine system, there are 12 meridians in relation to each organ in the body. Each meridian has a specific time when they are most active. One is advised to be asleep by 11 pm to allow the gall bladder and liver to perform activities related to detoxification in order to maintain good health.


However, it can be challenging for busy urbanites to wind down and be ready for sleep by that time. Ever laid in bed and find your mind buzzing with thoughts?


This is a weekly 75-minute online Yin class held a little later at night so that you have time to eat dinner, attend to tasks then wind down and sleep after practice.

Are you feeling sluggish and tired with the heat and humidity upon us in the current season? In Jun, we will focus on the energetic channels to help us manage dampness and breeze through "summer".


This class aims to:

  • Help you release tension in the body

  • Create space for the mind to settle down

  • Develop healthy sleeping habits

  • Improve sleep quality


This also means you can:

  • Be ready to head to bed right after practice

  • Save on commuting time

  • practice in the comfort of your own home.

  • Practice in comfortable attire (including your pyjamas!)


Date & Time:

Every Wednesday

9.00 - 10.15 pm


Online via Zoom with 7 days' recording access

Suitable For:

All levels


There are 3 ways to join this class.

  • Yinsider member : Complimentary. Find out more about the membership here.

  • Online 5-class class pass : 1 class credit (SGD $15/class). Buy here.

  • Single drop in : SGD $18. Book here.

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