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The magic of energy

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Guest Writer Article

Picture: Federico Beccari

What is energy?

Energy can be defined as an unseen force manifested through action. Some would define energy as the source of life, consciousness and intention.

Energy cannot be seen but can be felt. If you were to think of the way electricity flows through wires, electricity cannot be seen in itself, but it can be witnessed in the form of light, sound, and vibrations. In this manner, we understand our world through vibrations.

In eastern medical theory, illness is caused by disharmony within the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the body as a system, and any system that is in disharmony will eventually experience illness and disease. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that perfect health is attained by maintaining balance. Practitioners of Reiki, an energy healing modality, believe that 'life force energy' flows through all of us. Stress and illness will be triggered if this energy becomes unbalanced, low or stuck.

How do sound vibrations help in the healing process?

All matter is in a state of vibration and all things resonate at specific frequencies. One example of dysfunction is when an organ fails to vibrate at its own frequency, mutation happens when the cells start taking on the frequency and function of another organ.

Alternative medical systems like TCM and Ayurveda believe that a cure happens when the systems are restored to a balance. One of the ways is using proper soothing vibrations, since everything in the universe is in vibration at their own pace. External vibrations can alter the internal vibration of matter and elements.

The premise behind the "healing" of sound hedges on the fact that the sound vibrations restores what was in disharmony, thus restoring health. Research has also shown that the vibrations of the sound bowl and the gong helps entrain the brain into theta state, which supposedly have deep mutational and calm states of mind and intuition. When these waves synchronise with the sound waves from an overtone producing instrument like the singing bowl or the gong, it helps facilitate recovery from any inner disturbances and disharmony.

When the sound vibrations are placed directly on our body, it flows through the body, including our blood, tissues and cells. The sound waves trigger the relaxation response and inhibits any pain or stress. During a sound bath, brain waves slow down and, correspondingly, so do our respiration and heart rate. This creates a condition known as Cardiorespiratory Synchronisation. In this state, tension is released from the body and that helps to return the organs back to the right alignment.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking treatment due to the contents of this page.


About the Writer:


An aspiring "relaxation specialist", Marilyn was drawn to the energy and vibrations of the gong after a friend suggested to collaborate on a restorative+sound workshop. She went for training and never looked back since. She teaches sound meditation classes to share the good vibes.

You can find her at:


The rights of this article belongs to the writer. Opinions of guest writers do not reflect those of Yoga Yinfinity but we believe in an open minded community where different people and opinions are valued.

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