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What Is Sound Meditation

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Guest Writer Article

In Oct, I'll be running a workshop on insomnia with elements of Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine as well Sound Healing offered by guest teacher Marilyn. So what is sound healing?

Everything is a state of vibration - Jonathan Goldman

Do you remember your first experience with sound meditation? You may have found yourself captivated by the melodious sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls, or surprised by the effects of the vibrations from the instrument. Maybe you were surprised by extraordinarily sound sleep you enjoyed that night.

What is sound meditation?

A sound meditation session is simply any session that uses sound, resonance and vibrations to help you come into a state of better self awareness. Ethnomusicologist Alexandre Tannous defines it as a therapeutic tool "to enable participants to disengage from undesirable habitual patterns and to empower positive cognitive change."

Sound meditation can bring us to a peaceful and relaxed state. Our brain waves slow down to what is known as theta waves, a state where the body is in deep mental and physical relaxation, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety, stimulate the circulation and endocrine systems, and regenerates the parasympathetic nervous system. In this state, the body is primed for restoration and healing itself from the wear and tears of daily use.

A sound meditation session is a multi-sensory experience. You hear and feel the vibrations of the sound bowls or the gong on your skin and within your body. In eastern medicine theory, it is believed that the manifest illness of the physical body is the outcome of disharmony rising from a critical imbalance in our cells and organs. This wisdom was acknowledged by the healers of ancient civilisations, which is possibly why sound remains a relevant and effective alternative therapy method today.

Benefits of sound meditation

During a sound meditation session, you are likely to walk away feeling rested, energised. Sound meditation can also help to

  • Quiet the mind, bringing a state of inner peace and calmness

  • Enhance one’s ability to listen and focus, improve clarity in thinking

  • Reduce insomnia and stress related issues

  • Help with addictions, depression and anxiety

  • And more...

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About the Writer:


An aspiring "relaxation specialist", Marilyn was drawn to the energy and vibrations of the gong after a friend suggested to collaborate on a restorative+sound workshop. She went for training and never looked back since. She teaches sound meditation classes to share the good vibes. You can find her at:


The rights of this article belongs to the writer. Opinions of guest writers do not reflect those of Yoga Yinfinity but we believe in an open minded community where different people and opinions are valued.

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